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Lupoclean is a floor treatment to be qualified as « liquid stone ». This treatment is composed of 2 products to apply separately. The first coat penetrates the porosity of the floor and forms a gel to fill. The second coat reacts with the gel and forms very resistant “synthetic stone”. This second coat also leaves a film on the surface. This increases the resistance to wear.

This type of treatment allows high resistance to stains due to the complete filling of pores and increased resistance to wear and chemical components.

The Lupoclean treatment provides an anti-slip coefficient standard R9. This coefficient can be further increased by adding fine particles to the surface layer, we can choose from a R10 or R11 finish.
In addition, Lupoclean has a real aesthetic appeal because the treatment enhances the color of the floor (color close to wet color) and can be polished.

From a practical point of view, this finish allows very easy everyday maintenance. The surface layer can be reapplied quite easily every 1 to 10 years depending on traffic.

The first use of this product demands a bit of patience because of the long drying times and the reaction of the two components. The treated area is often closed for several days.

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