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  • Marble is the most popular stone for flooring. It renovates easily by grinding and crystallization.

  • Granito-terrazzo floors, in tiles or cast, can be polished to real “mirror floors”.

  • Grinding is our core business. This treatment makes it possible to remove scratches from the floor and to regain the undamaged part of the stone in order to apply the most appropriate finish.

  • Gloss enhancing treatment by crystallization is the most visible part of our profession. It gives natural stone all its nobility.


  • Terracotta is a very porous stone that needs treatment after installation and during renovation to facilitate the maintenance.

Floor renovation

We are specialists in floor renovation, restoration, floor care services and treatment, applying all of our know-how for the embellishment and protection of your floors in natural stone and other similar floors.

We give our greatest attention to the choice of renovation techniques and treatment as well as the management of your construction site.

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Natural stone gives all houses great nobility, our role is to help natural stone withstand the test of time and to adapt it to our modern lifestyle.

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Stains related to water damage

First of all we emphasize that the CSTC doesn’t recommend any particular technique for stain remo

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