Renovation of marble

Rénovation marbre cristallisation
Cristallisation spray marbre
Ponçage et cristallisation de marbre Lille 59
Cristallisation traditionnelle du marbre
Ponçage terrasse en marbre Paris 75

Under the term marble we often understand recrystallized limestones. These are often diverse in origin and color. We generally recognize marble by the presence of veins or a marble pattern. More information…

The most common names we give marble are derived from the location where it is extracted, such as the Carrara, Thasos, Serpentines, Comblanchien or the noir de Mazy or the Travertin. Besides extracted marble we can also note the existence of composite marble and granite (or terrazzo) that in fact contain pieces of marble held together by a cement-based frame. 

One of the biggest advantages of marble is that it can be renovated, grinded, polished eternally and regains gloss even if it’s very old marble. So it is possible to make of “old” new at very accessible prices. The renovation of marble however demands genuine know-how and highly specific techniques.

The standard renovation treatment of marble consists of grinding ( 2 stages or more depending on the state of the floor) followed by crystallization by means of powder to obtain a high gloss. All finishes, going from matte to glossy and satin finish are possible but not recommended given the weak mechanical resistance of the floor. More info…

In places that are frequently used and given the limited resistance of marble, crystallization is recommended to be executed regularly (every year) to obtain a uniform smooth and brilliant surface and an improved resistance.
Whatever the level of finish, marble will always remain susceptible to chemical attacks (acid or alkaline).

As for outdoor applications, we can conclude that treatment with Lupoclean gives great aesthetic results and provides excellent protection and low maintenance. More info…

Besides the renovation of floors Emotion Pierres also carries out the renovation of marble staircases, marble worktops and marble wall elements.



Mechanical resistance


Chemical resistance


Porosity level

Generally low (with exceptions)


  • Edge grinding possible
  • Diamond polishing recommended
  • Puttying only in case of high porosity
  • Gloss finish by crystallization
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Lupoclean


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