Renovation of terracotta

Protection terre cuite
Décapage terre cuite
Bouche-pore terre cuite

Terracotta is one of the world’s oldest floorings. Its use goes back well before Roman times. Used indoor as well as outdoor, this type of tile brings warmth and an unmatched authenticity in both modern and traditional homes.

Terracotta tiles are very porous because of their great natural capillary action. They are very sensitive to stains when not treated. They are susceptible to wear and a patina appears easily.

The protection of terracotta can be done with waxes, pore fillers or resins according to the customer’s expectations and the use. It is also possible to enhance the colors of the tiles and to make them more or less polished.

Emotion Pierres offers a variety of treatments for renovation and restoration of terracotta. The treatment of terracotta is often a long process because of the long drying times between different operations. Some treatments can be realized in a few days and don’t need long waiting times. More information…

Mechanical resistance


Chemical resistance


Porosity level



  • Edge grinding possible but often not applied
  • Stripping often necessary
  • Diamond polishing possible
  • Puttying possible but not recommended
  • Bush-hammering, flaming not applicable
  • Honed, satin or gloss finish depending on the type of protection
  • To verify and confirm, case by case
  • Pore filler, emulsion or wax depending on the desired finish and the time available
  • Lupoclean treatment possible for high traffic areas


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