Renovation of granito terrazzo

Rénovation sol en terrazzo
Rénovation escalier en granito
Polissage granito-terrazzo Tournai
Granito Terrazzo Mouscron
Rénovation sol Mouscron

Granito terrazzo floors consist of a cement based frame with different types of stones integrated. They are either cast (as was much the case in the 30s for town houses or common areas in buildings) or present in the form of tiles.

Whether it concerns granite tiles or old cast terrazzo, the renovation of this type of floor is much needed to maintain the unique character of the floor, to make it resistant to stains and wear and to give it all the qualities of a modern floor. A wide range of hydro and oleophobic treatments by means of pore fillers and emulsions makes it possible to cover a large range of protections. More information…


Mechanical resistance


Chemical resistance


Porosity level

Generally low (with exceptions)


  • Edge grinding unnecessary, except for tiles
  • Stripping sometimes sufficient
  • Diamond polishing recommended
  • Puttying often recommended
  • Bush-hammering not recommended, flaming impossible
  • Honed and high gloss finish possible by crystallization
  • To verify and confirm, case by case
  • A color enhancer can be useful with honed or satin finishes
  • Pore filler or water and oil repellent can be useful depending on the porosity level
  • Lupoclean treatment for outdoor floors and high traffic areas


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