Renovation of other floor types

Rénovation sol Courtrai
décapage carrelage
renovation ardoise

By the experience of working with natural stone, Emotion Pierres can also carry out renovation and protection of most floor types, even synthetic floors.

Mechanical resistance

Generally good, variable

Chemical resistance

Generally good, variable

Porosity level

Generally low, variable


  • Edge grinding generally impossible
  • Stripping often sufficient
  • Diamond polishing often possible
  • Bush-hammering and flaming not applicable
  • Honed or gloss finish often possible
  • To verify, case by case
  • A color enhancer can be useful with honed or satin finishes
  • A pore filler or water and oil repellent can be useful depending on the porosity level


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  • Avant rénovation carrelage
    Nettoyage carrelage