Renovation of granite

Sol en granit
Granit du Mozambique

The term « granite » is commonly used to represent all hard and granular stone types used in the marble industry. This term covers “granites” (in the geological sense) and also gneiss, sandstone and some types of limestone. We primarily recognize them by the “ crystal grains” well visible to the naked eye. Today we can identify 500 different colors of granite. More info…

Granite is generally more mechanically resistant and less chemically sensitive than marble. As a result it is significantly more expensive.

Because of its solidity, the renovation of granite is also a process that takes longer than the process of marble renovation. The results however are more durable in time.

Depending on the application and wishes, granite can be honed or bush-hammered for outdoor applications and is usually polished for indoor applications. For non-gloss finishes, color enhancer may be applied in order to reveal its true colours. More info…

Emotion Pierres uses specialized techniques and tools to work granite. Regarding the gloss level it is possible to obtain a beautiful mirror polished effect.

Mechanical resistance


Chemical resistance


Porosity level



  • Edge grinding possible
  • Diamond polishing recommended
  • All finishes possible
  • Bush-hammered, flamed or honed finish for outdoor
  • Gloss enhancing polish for indoor applications
  • Color enhancer for honed and satin finishes
  • Water and oil repellent


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