Renovation of ceramic tiles

Rénovation de sol en grès cérame
Décapage grès cérame
Enlèvement marques et traces grès cérame

The term ceramic which should not be confused with the stone of the same name, refers to synthetic tiles made from clay at very high temperatures. Ceramic tiles have a very high density and a very high resistance to wear. They are regularly used for floor covering.

Besides their high resistance they offer a large aesthetic panel with a choice of colors and important mass effects.

The ceramic tiles can be installed in matte or polished finish. However, it is important to know that most of these tiles (even mats) can be grinded and polished to reveal exceptional gloss.

Two methods are generally proposed to renovate ceramic tiles, the honed finish and high gloss finish. In most cases there will be a stripping and/or grinding and a hardening of the tiles to make the renovation as sustainable as possible. More information ...

Because of their low porosity, all treatments with emulsions should be avoided on this type of floor.

Mechanical resistance

Normal to excellent

Chemical resistance 

Average to normal

Porosity level 

Generally low


  • Edge grinding impossible
  • Stripping sometimes sufficient
  • Diamond polishing possible
  • Bush-hammering, flaming impossible
  • Honed or high gloss finish possible
  • To verify and confirm, case by case
  • A color enhancer can be useful with honed or satin finish
  • Pore filler or water and oil repellent can be useful depending on the porosity level


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