Renovation of pourous stone

Rénovation pierre poreuse Mons
Escalier en pierre poreuse
Protection pierre poreuse Tournai
Effet hydrofuge-oléofuge

Porous stone such as the Burgundy stone, stone of Portugal (mokka) or stone of St Hubert are regularly used for applications both indoor and outdoor.

The stone type is aesthetically very interesting but often suffers from a bad reputation regarding maintenance, given its high porosity and acidic sensitivity. This inconvenience can be outweighed by adequate treatment and must be realized fairly quickly after installing the floor to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The first protection of the stone is most often realized when grinding the floor for the first time allowing a complete smoothing (edge grinding). Regular maintenance of the floor is necessary to avoid new grinding to remove stains and to avoid new treatment of the floor.

Mechanical resistance 


Chemical resistance


Porosity level

Average to high


  • Edge grinding possible
  • Diamond polishing recommended
  • Gloss finish possible
  • Satin finish most often recommended
  • Water and oil repellent
  • Pore filler


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  • Terrasse en pierre poreuse avant rénovation
    Terrasse en pierre poreuse après rénovation