Strengths and mission

Emotion Pierres is an innovative company specialized in the renovation of floors in natural stone and tile floors through specialized techniques with diamond, chemicals and the latest equipment. Our core business is the renovation and protection of marble, granite, bluestone, granito, cement tiles and terracotta.

Our mission

  • Renovation and treatment of floors, walls, staircases, fireplaces and other elements in natural or synthetic stone.
  • We guarantee all of our attention to guide you in choosing the most appropriate solution for your needs.
  • An experienced team takes care of the details and takes into account your comfort before, during and after the intervention.


  • One or more visits for an accurate quotation
  • 4 generations of know-how and experience
  • A wide range of techniques combining tradition and modernity
  • Experienced teams
  • Great flexibility in terms of intervention
  • A global presence in Belgium and Northern France

Our activities

  • Renovation of floors in natural or synthetic stone
  • Fireplaces, stairs and arts
  • Grinding, polishing and crystallization
  • Intervention after damage
  • Regular maintenance
  • Expertise, advice and technical follow-up

Emotion Pierres is a part of the group Sols Concepts(More info…) which offers a series of brands that are all specialized in floor works such as grinding and polishing concrete and the installation of floor covering (thin layer) such as resin or concrete. Our group thus positioning itself as an expert in the renovation of all types of flooring.

The company is based in Belgian Hainaut and is mainly active in Belgium, northern France and Paris (More info…). We remain alert to challenges and offers from abroad.

Through our years of international and local experience, we are the expert in the treatment and renovation of floors in commercial spaces, offices and floors of private persons.

Thanks to our collaboration with Patrick Guillot (More info…) we have an experience of 4 generations and a wide range of technical solutions. Emotion Pierres is the best choice for the renovation, treatment and repair of existing floors in natural stone or synthetic floors.