Other types of finish for outdoor floors

In addition to a sanded and honed finish it is possible to opt for a bush-hammered or flamed finish for no-slip surface qualities.

During bush-hammering, the floor is processed with carbide wheels. These wheels serve as small hammers in order to give the floor texture and to remove all previous treatments. The aspect of a bush-hammered floor will vary depending on the type of stone and the type of wheels used. However, it is almost impossible to obtain the original appearance. This technique can also be used for concrete.

Flamed natural stone has a no-slip surface and aesthetically attractive finish. This operation is realized by heating the floor surface with a burner and afterwards cooling it down with buckets of water. The thermal shock creates small fracture lines along the grains on the surface.

This finish can only be applied on large surfaces and hard stone. The edges however (visible or invisible) cannot be flamed.


As for outdoor floors it is recommended to avoid a polished finish to avoid turning the floor into a skating rink on rainy days.