Grinding and diamond polishing

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Ponçage terrasse en marbre Paris 75
polissage marbrerie
ponçage marbre escalier

This is the core business in floor treatments of Emotion Pierres. The grinding of marble, granite and other types of natural stone with two main objectives. First, removing scratches and cracks in the floor. Second, removing the worn and damaged layer of the floor to get to the intact crystals in the stone.

Grinding will close the capillary surface of the stone and bring unaltered crystals to the surface. This will make the floor maintenance friendly and a more clear and deeper luster can be obtained during crystallization. This is the only way to regain the original structure of the floor.

Grinding is done with rotating machines and diamond tools and is done in several stages, from the largest grain to the finest. The number of stages depends on the condition of the floor and the desire to remove scratches. Depending on the case, we may grind hundreds or thousands of a millimeter.

Grinding is also called polishing during the last stage when using very fine diamond grains. Mechanical polishing gives the floor a mechanical gloss and is necessary to perform crystallization afterwards(a mechanical-chemical process).

Contrary to what most people think, grinding marble and other types of natural stone doesn’t produce a lot of dust because it is exclusively done with water.

Rénovation d'un marbre Gris bleuté de Savoie par ponçage à Paris

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