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The term crystallization is used today in the broad sense of the word to denote the gloss enhancing polishing of natural stone. It should be noted that the phenomenon of crystallization (in the physical sense) can only be realized for marble and limestone. In this case it concerns a mechanical-chemical process that leaves no film or layer on the floor. The stone itself shines.

We also speak of tradition crystallization for the method called “Corsi” applied by using spray techniques in several stages and on completely dry floors. This technique offers the advantage of a better resistance in time and an easy periodical maintenance.

Please note that crystallization does not remove scratches or stains. This technique will be applied after stripping but gives the best result after diamond polishing.

Besides the aesthetic advantage crystallization will also close the natural capillary properties of the stone and harden it. The maintenance of the floor will be facilitated and the stone has a higher resistance than before the treatment.

For marble and calcareous stone (travertine, bluestone and Burgundy stone) Emotion Pierres only works with the “powder” method or traditional crystallization.

There are other techniques that we apply when the powder method isn’t functioning. We call these methods “spray” or “mixed” and they are carried out with steel wool.

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